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This site serves as an online companion to the following papers:

"Using the Web in Your Courses: the How-To's and the Why's," by S.E. Poindexter and B.S. Heck, presented at the 1998 American Control Conference, June 24-26, 1998, Philadelphia, PA.
"Using the Web in Your Courses: What can you do? What Should you do?," by S.E. Poindexter and B.S. Heck, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, February 1999.

The material is partly tutorial enabling viewers to step in at their current level and move forward in their efforts to integrate the Web into their higher education courses. How can you best use this resource? You can start with this first page and click on the "Next" button at the top to move through the contents sequentially, or you can consider the following questions (move your pointer over the button.gifsymbols below) and select the links that best apply to you. Either way, we hope you gain some new information. Please send us feedback or suggest other sites we might include.

How is the Web being used in education? The Web in Higher Education
Are there techniques that apply to engineering courses? Web Usage in Controls Engineering Education
I've been using the Web, but how can I improve my page designs? Web Design Methods and Course Web Site Models
Are there ways to quickly create Web sites for my courses? Web Courseware and Web Authoring Tools
Can I obtain a copy of your paper? Online Version of "Using the Web in Your Courses"
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