MATLAB Tutorial

This tutorial is available as a supplement to the textbook Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using Matlab by Edward Kamen and Bonnie Heck, published by Prentice Hall. A version of the tutorial that is suitable for printing can be accessed by viewing the tutorial.pdf file. The tutorial covers basic MATLAB commands that are used in introductory signals and systems analysis. It is meant to serve as a quick way to learn MATLAB and a quick reference to the commands that are used in this textbook.An easy way to learn MATLAB is to sit down at a computer and follow along with the examples given in this tutorial and the examples given in the textbook.

The tutorial is designed for students using either the professional version of MATLAB (ver. 5.0) with the Control Systems Toolbox (ver. 4.0) and the Signal Processing Toolbox (ver. 4.0), or using the Student Edition of MATLAB (ver. 5.0). For more information on MATLAB, contact The Mathworks, Inc.

The topics covered in this tutorial are:

1. MATLAB Basics

A. Definition of Variables
B. Definition of Matrices
C. General Information
D. M-files

2. Fourier Analysis

3. Continuous Time System Analysis

A. Transfer Function Representation
B. Time Simulations
C. Frequency Response Plots
D. Analog Filter Design
E. Control Design
F. State Space Representation

4. Discrete-Time System Analysis

A. Convolution
B. Transfer Function Representation
C. Time Simulations
D. Frequency Response Plots
E. Digital Filter Design
F. Digital Control Design
G. State Space Representation

5. Plotting

6. Loading and Saving Data