Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using The Web and MATLAB
Second Edition
by Edward Kamen and Bonnie Heck

These demos require that Netscape Navigator 4.04 (or later) or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) be used. Most of the demos require that the browser be able to run Java 1.1.7. They work best under a Windows operating system (NT, 95, and 98) running Internet Explorer.



 Pages in Text
 Signals and Sounds  Sinusoids and how they look and sound  8
 Periodicity of Sums of Sinusoids  Examine the sum of two sinusoids and determine when their sum is periodic  9
  Convolution of Discrete-Time Signals  Compute the convolution of pairs of discrete-time signals  105
 Convolution of Continuous-Time Signals  Compute the convolution of pairs of continuous-time signals  119-123
 Sums of Sinusoids  Examine the sum of sinusoids in the time domain and in the frequency domain  146-149
Convergence of Fourier Series  Examine the convergence of Fourier series (square wave and triangular wave)  157-161
 Fourier Transform of Exponential Signal  Displays Fourier Transform of exponential as the bandwidth varies  169-170
 Lowpass Filtering of Sinusoids  Examine the effect of a lowpass filter on sinusoids  206-209
 Response to Periodic Inputs  Response of a lowpass filter to a pulse train as the bandwidth is varied  211-215
 Sampling and Aliasing  Illustrates sampling in the time domain and frequency domain for bandlimited and nonbandlimited signals  236-238
 Digital Communications  Under Construction
 Demo of PAM, QAM, FSK and OOK  282-289
 DTFT and DFT of Pulse  Under Construction
 Examine the approximation of a DTFT by a DFT  314-316
 Pole Position and Step Response  Relationship between pole positions and step response  445-452, 500
 Interactive Root Locus  Root locus with the ability to move poles and zeros  529-535, 548-552
 Pole Positions and Impulse Response  Relationship between z-domain pole positions and impulse response  581-584
 Digital Filtering of Continuous-Time Signals  Examples of digital filtering of continuous-time signals  624-630
 Mass Spring Damper System Mass Spring Damper example to show time response, frequency response, and resulting motion of system (displayed through animation)  32, 98,209, 404-405, 456, 464, 475, 502


The applets were written with the help of Georgia Tech students Raymond Garcia, Darren Garner, James Ho, Jason Meeks, Johnny Wang and Brian Wilson. Their help is greatly appreciated.