Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using the Web and MATLAB
Second Edition
by Edward Kamen and Bonnie Heck

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Chapter 1  Periodicity of Signals  problems  solutions
 Plotting Signals  problems  solutions
 System Properties  problems  solutions

 Chapter 2  Solving Differential Equations  problems  solutions
   Solving Difference Equations  problems  solutions

 Chapter 3  Discrete-time convolution  problems  solutions
   Continuous-time convolution  problems  solutions

 Chapter 4  Complex exponentials  problems  solutions
   Spectrum  problems  solutions
   Fourier series  problems  solutions
   Fourier transform  problems  solutions

 Chapter 5  Sampling and Reconstruction  problems  solutions

 Chapter 7  DTFT and DFT  problems  solutions

 Chapter 8  Laplace Transforms  problems  solutions
   Solving Differential Equations  problems  solutions
  Transfer Functions  problems  solutions

 Chapter 9  Stability  problems  solutions
  System Response  problems  solutions

 Chapter 10  Open Loop, P, PI controllers  problems  solutions

 Chapter 11 Z-transforms, Inverse transform  problems  solutions
  Transfer functions and response  problems  solutions

 Chapter 13  State Space Methods  problems  solutions